Abske Fides (Full​-​Lenght 2012)

by Abske Fides



Long-awaited full-length album from Brazilian band Abske Fides develops ideas of previous mini-albums at higher qualitative level. Perfect performance of keyboards, vocals and violin solos in composition with arrangements makes this album more diverse and balanced. Gloomy doom death metal from Abske Fides opens the world of human estrangement and despair which is ready to absorb the listeners.

Solitude Productions


released June 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Abske Fides São Paulo, Brazil

Doom Metal

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Track Name: The Consequence Of The Other
The Consequence of The Other

Psychosomatic repulse manifests its phobia and attraction in the painful blooming of carnal contractions that contains in each tear, parts of what it is and what it denies that is.

Referential contradictions vivify a torturous experience, in which reason is nothing but a labyrinth of shut doors and the self explodes in tiles, to be reborn in distorted mosaics of a narcissistic objectivity.
Track Name: Won’t You Come
Won´t You Come?

Won´t you come to paint the pictures at my wall?
Fake I am inside, self-destructive like a war

From night raises some random sketches
And a morbid desire of mutilation
I could be embraced by colorful reveries
But I asphyxiate myself with my anxiety

Won´t You Come?
Where do I begin ?
Where do I stop (when i want to go on)?
Track Name: The Coldness Of Progress

In the wavy mirror of shaken water can be seen embroided in reflections the wisdom of the monster and the force of the king, the repugnance of the ogre and the coldness of progress.
Track Name: Aesthethic Hallucination Of Reality
Aesthethic Hallucination of Reality

Multifrenetic intensities simulate experiences by unconnected stimulations and glamourize the spectacle of reality as a bizarre show. Matter dances freely in space and pulverizes the world in unrecognizable and breakable symbolists. Torrents of images, words and random colors lead the way to nowhere.

Trapped in a maze of hallucinations, I can no longer recognize myself. Virtual reality, androgyny and bottled up psycodelia sum up, to the joy of enactment.
Track Name: 4.48

The weight of symbolic actions stabs my lungs crushing my heart
I watch the ceiling as if watching my feelings
I know I should not speak but my desire covers the voice of my thought
I am motivated by the rhythm of insanity
I try to watch around me with the rope tied around my hands
The noise of the clock awakes me

Four hours and forty eight minutes of a day I shall never see
The rope that before trembled with my hands now chokes me in my final redemption
The last thoughts rush into my head

And before closing my eyes for the last time I realize: "No one came in time. Maybe there was no one."